The Berryhill Group

a few words about us

An arial view of Tallahassee Capital Building

The Berryhill Group, LLC is a Capital Funding and Advocacy Firm working closely with our clients to develop cost effective projects.

With its team of professional associates, we collectively represent over 100 years in capital funding management, capital funding acquisition, accounting, lobbying, and engineering services. Led by Dianne Berryhill as President, the company exemplifies the over 30 years of financial experience and advocacy Mrs. Berryhill possesses.

Our firm and associates are responsible for the acquisition or management of more than $4.5 billion for capital improvement projects.

With the firm’s headquarters located in Tallahassee, our associates have built decades of respected working relationships with state departments and agencies that are critical to the success of capital funding projects.

The firm’s associates work closely on city, county and state issues with city commissioners, county commissioners, mayors, state legislators, and congressional leaders in Building A Better Tomorrow For The Communities of Today which represents the philosophy of each associate at The Berryhill Group, LLC.