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Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)


Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program (CWSRF) – Loans

These low-interest rate loans generally target surface and groundwater pollution problems. In addition to the traditional domestic wastewater problems, these funds have been used for brownfields remediation projects, stormwater management systems and even agricultural BMP’s. Contact The Berryhill Group (TBG) to see if your project could qualify for this low-interest rate loan program.

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program (DWSRF) - Grants and Loans

If you are a community under financial stress and have a health threatening problem with your drinking water supply, your community or water supply company could be eligible for a grant to aid in solving your problem and bringing your system back into compliance with drinking water standards. Low cost loan funds are available for most Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) other drinking water system improvements. Let TBG find out if help is available for your community.

Small Community Wastewater Facilities Grants Program - Grants

Small cities with a population of not more than 7500 that meet per capita income criteria could be eligible for a grant to be used to solve your wastewater problem. We can help you access these funds if your community qualifies. Contact TBG to find out.

Community Budget Issue Requests (CBIR) – Legislative Grants

Do you maintain contact with your legislative delegation or do you need representation? CBIR grant requests are reviewed by the DEP but final decisions are made through the legislative process. Let The Berryhill Group help you through the process.

Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) – Grants

Grant assistance for parks and recreational facilities is available if funds are appropriated by the legislature.A road going through trees Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds are also administered by DEP and these funds could be available to financially assist your community with its outdoor recreational needs. TBG can help with this funding source.