The Berryhill Group

Project Construction Phase


After construction starts, timely preparing and submitting a complete and accurate request for the monthly funds disbursement is critical to maintain a positive cash flow throughout the project.

Receipt of these funds ensures that contractor pay estimates, consulting fees, administrative fees, legal fees and other approved project costs are paid on time. To prevent the funding agency from withholding funds, monthly reporting requirements must be completed and submitted along with the monthly disbursement requests. The Berryhill Group will assemble and prepare the monthly disbursement request package for signature by the authorized project representative and for submittal to the funding agency.

A stack of blue pipes

During the construction phase of the project, we will provide the following services:

  • Participate in the pre-construction conference and scheduled project meetings as needed.
  • Assemble documents and prepare the monthly request for funds disbursement.
  • Review change orders for funding eligibility and program compliance.
  • Monitor/report MBE/WBE participation.
  • Monitor/review weekly payrolls for Davis-Bacon wage rate compliance.
  • Conduct on-site labor interviews as required for Davis-Bacon wage rate compliance.
  • Participate in wage rate restitution issues as needed.
  • Maintain backup project files for the Owner

A group of construction workers standing in a hole working on pipe