The Berryhill Group

Project Design Phase


The Berryhill Group will work with your consulting engineer in the preparation of the contract documents to ensure the documents contain all of the agency required Supplementary Conditions.

The funding agency may require that your bid documents address Davis-Bacon wage rate requirements, “Buy American” requirements, and MBE/WBE participation requirements. If there are any addenda, these will be reviewed for funding eligibility and program compliance requirements.

A businessman and woman look over a scroll blueprint

In the design phase of your project, we will provide the following services:

  • Provide current agency required documents for inclusion in the plans and specifications.
  • Ensure bidding documents are prepared to meet agency requirements.
  • Provide guidance in the advertising and bidding process.
  • Participate in pre-bid conference as needed.
  • Assemble bidding documents package for submittal to funding agency.
  • Coordinate bidding documents review and approval by the funding agency.
  • Provide guidance relative to agency procurement requirements for construction contractors.
  • Assemble site certifications, approval letters, resolutions and other documents necessary to receive authority to award the construction contract.
  • Maintain backup project files for the Owner.