The Berryhill Group

Project Planning Phase


When a need is identified in your community, the top priority in the strategic planning process is locating the proper funding sources.

In this conceptual phase, two critical areas - project description and demonstrating the need for the project - must be addressed so that they are documented to comply with every rule and regulation. Our expertise to these types of details ensures there will be no negative impact to your community receiving funding on a timely basis. In the past, many communities have lost their ranking for funding due to poor documentation at this point of the application process. The Berryhill Group has the expertise to do the research, match funding sources to your project, and present your project in a manner to take advantage of potential funding sources.

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In this most vital phase of your project planning, The Berryhill Group will provide the following services:

  • Funding programs research.
  • Pre-application and/or request for inclusion preparation.
  • Final application preparation.
  • Agency coordination, tracking and scheduling.
  • Prepare/assemble facilities planning document.
    • Environmental/clearinghouse review.
    • Alternatives analysis.
    • Project costs.
    • Capital financing plan/Business plan.
  • Prepare draft resolutions, advertisements, conduct and document Public Participation.
  • Review loan/grant agreements and advise.
  • Review user and rate ordinances and advise.
  • Maintain backup project files for Owner.

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